There’s Always Hope Being and Staying Healthy

With only a limited time on this earth, I want to make every second count. This also means that I want to be able to live as long as I can without concern for the typical ailments which are associated with aging. Of course, this means that I must remain on constant guard over my health. I’m willing to do anything it takes to ensure that I’m a healthy individual through my life, even if that means taking plenty of vitamins and supplements, like the CQ10 Vitamin which is good for the heart, and eating as healthy as humanly possible. Continue reading “There’s Always Hope Being and Staying Healthy”

Drinking coffee daily may improve survival in colon cancer patients

imagesccRegular consumption of caffeinated coffee may help prevent the return of colon cancer after treatment and improve the chances of a cure, according to a new, large study from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that reported this striking association for the first time.
The patients, all of them treated with surgery and chemotherapy for stage III colon cancer, had the greatest benefit from consuming four or more cups of coffee a day (about 460 milligrams of caffeine), according to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. These patients were 42 percent less likely to have their cancer return than non-coffee drinkers, and were 33 percent less likely to die from cancer or any other cause.
Two to three cups of coffee daily had a more modest benefit, while little protection was associated with one cup or less, reported the researchers, led by Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at Dana-Farber. First author is Brendan J. Guercio, MD, also of Dana-Farber.
The study included nearly 1,000 patients who filled out dietary pattern questionnaires early in the study, during chemotherapy and again about a year later. This

High-salt diet could protect against invading microbes

indexdddMost people consume more salt than they need and therefore have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, which are the two leading causes of death worldwide. But a study published by Cell Press March 3rd in Cell Metabolism reveals that dietary salt could have a biological advantage: defending the body against invading microbes. A high-salt diet increased sodium accumulation in the skin of mice, thereby boosting their immune response to a skin-infecting parasite. The findings suggest that dietary salt could have therapeutic potential to promote host defense against microbial infections.
“Up to now, salt has been regarded as a detrimental dietary factor; it is clearly known to be detrimental for cardiovascular diseases, and recent studies have implicated a role in worsening autoimmune diseases,” says first study author Jonathan Jantsch, a microbiologist at Univ Regensburg and Univ Regensburg. “Our current study challenges this one-sided view and suggests that increasing salt accumulation at the site of infections might be an ancient strategy to ward off infections, long before antibiotics were invented.”
Large amounts of sodium stored in the skin, especially in older individuals, can lead to high blood pressure

Why does running make us happy?

indexzzThe joy of running. That sense of well-being, freedom and extra energy that runners often experience is not just a matter of endorphins. A study at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) shows that the “runner’s high” phenomenon is also caused by dopamine, an important neurotransmitter for motivation.
“We discovered that the rewarding effects of endurance activity are modulated by leptin, a key hormone in metabolism. Leptin inhibits physical activity through dopamine neurons in the brain,” said Stephanie Fulton, a researcher at the CRCHUM and lead author of an article published in the journal Cell Metabolism.
Secreted by adipose tissue, leptin helps control the feeling of satiety. This hormone also influences physical activity. “The more fat there is, the more leptin there is and and the less we feel like eating. Our findings now show that this hormone also plays a vital role in motivation to run, which may be related to searching for food,” explained Stephanie Fulton, who is also a professor at Université de Montréal’s Department of Nutrition.
Hormone signals that modulate feeding and exercise are in fact believed to be closely linked. Endurance running

Four Useful Natural Treatments for Eliminating Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis is a benign gynecologic disease characterized by the extrauterine finding of endometrial stroma and glands. 10%-15% of the general population can infect with it. Endometriosis may appear in multiple forms. Trained herbalists believe herbal treatment works, because the impact selected remedies have on excess levels of estrogen, suggested to be linked to the flare of endometriosis pain.

Herbs said to be helpful in relieving endometriosis such as blue cohosh, cranberry, plantain, St. John’s wort, peppermint, valerian, dong quai, false unicorn, evening primrose oil, chasteberry/vitex, black cohosh, uva ursi, couchgrass, red raspberry, yam, and white willow. Herbal medicines are prepared from the roots, flowers, stems, leaves or bark of plants.

So when talking about the treatment of Endometriosis, one of the first tasks in herbal medicine is to try to re-balance the hormone levels in the body. Then other herbs will be introduced to strengthen the immune system so that the body can then begin to eliminate the disease. As with other alternative treatments, using herbal medicine for Endometriosis will involve a time commitment to achieve success.

Herbal Formula (Fuyan Pill)

Fuyan Pill is made from many natural herbs. And it also contains the herbs that are useful on alleviating endometriosis symptoms. Fuyan Pill

Search Blood Donors – Save Life

specially in developing countries like India where people have not really been comprehensively educated on the importance of blood donation and the gravity of the situation. In a country where reckless driving is the norm and there are at least 200 road accidents in a day, the statistics of people donating blood are shockingly disappointing.

Whenever we or any of our relatives are in hospital, we automatically assume that blood would be available for us, and we also use that blood generously donated by some other selfless person without even thinking where it came from. It’s high time the selfishness of human nature stopped taking over its compassionate elements. We need to recognize the seriousness of reality , which is people dying everyday due to shortage in blood supply. donation is not just useful in times of emergencies, but can also help patients with long term illnesses sustain their lives as the treatment of many life threatening diseases requires a constant supply of blood.

Search Blood donors would be easier if people looked at donation as saving someone’s life and not as an essential part of their body being taken away from them. The latter is a gigantic misconception strengthened by myths

What Benefits That Cash Advance Loans Can Offer to You?

Moreover, the other benefit that is offered by the cash advance loans provider is that it is available in the online version. The online lender such as will allow you to access the website of it 24/7, so that you will be able to access the cash advance loans website every time you need the extra cash. The next, aside of the great flexibility of time, the online lender can offer you the notable convenienceas well. That convenience is that the lender will be able to be accessed wherever you are as long as you have the good internet connection and the compatible devices, which can be like smartphones, tablet, personal computer, and so on. Simply, you do not need to do the conventional cash advance loans by coming to the office of the cash advance loans provider in town.

The cash advance loans are a particular short term loans that become more and more popular among the people today. It is because this loan service can make the people get some extra cash to solve their financial problems easily. If e you want to apply for the loans, all you need to do is accessing the trusted cash

Medical Checkup Benefit and Price Tag

Taking the second benefit, it is important to know that medical examination is not cheap. Depending on what is inspected, it costs from $20 – $400. It is only rough measurement, and it is definitely possible to go higher than that amount. Considering the cost of medical check-up, people need to plan ahead on what they should check. One good strategy is by visiting professional laboratory outside hospital. It is typically reliable enough, and is cheaper. If money is not a problem, holistic check is absolutely recommended.

It is not arguable that health is very important for human being. To keep being healthy, many people do many positive things such as consuming foods with balance composition, exercising regularly, and other supportive actions. However, in the age of 30 or so, human’s aging process can be seen obviously. That is to say, a disease could have been inhibiting the human’s body without any notice at all. In this case, it is typically too late to cure the disease because it already develops and grows. Even though earlier it is mentioned human in 30s, it does not always mean like that. Younger people are also at risk

Enjoy Affordable Healthcare Vacation with Travcure Medical Tourism

With growing comfort & ease in international travel, people around the world are seeking effective medical solutions beyond borders. Moreover, availability & escalating costs of healthcare within their own country has pushed them look for viable options across continents. Earlier, people from less developed countries would travel to major medical centers in developed countries for medical treatments. The recent trend is just the opposite. Nowadays people from developed countries travel to third-world countries for cost considerate medical treatments. Another reason promoting this trend could be that some treatment procedures like fertility including surrogacy may not be legal in their home country, & which is prompting them seek solutions abroad.

Healthcare in India

Economic boom in India over the last two decades has facilitated developing effective medical facilities & healthcare infrastructure for domestic as well as international patients. Rivaling the best of what one can get in western countries like UK, Canada & United States, India is now home to some of the globally renowned chain of healthcare giants like Wockhardt, Fortis, Columbia Asia, Max Healthcare & Apollo Hospitals. Coupled with tens of thousands of skilled physicians, nursing practitioners & expert surgeons many of whom have been trained in the west, Indian medical

How To Say Fit?

A sound mind resides in a sound body and obliviously if you are mentally strong and aware you can rock the world on your tips. These days the pressure of work has increased so much that one hardly finds time for himself to take care. We can spend hours sitting on our computers but cannot think for going out for a walk because if we go for it a contract may slip out from our hands. Here we are suggesting some health tips which you can adopt in your lives and make it more beautiful and healthy.

  1. Green vegetables like spinach, cabbages etc. are very much helpful in protecting you from the harmful UV rays.
  2. In winters if someone catches cold and cough then nothing effect better the natural medicine of ginger and garlic as they provide heat to the body.
  3. Regular consumption of coconut helps you in increasing your life and beautifies also.
  4. Lots of fibrous food and fruits is always an unbeatable medicine for the entire cure.
  5. Early to bed early to rise and then have a morning walk.
  6. One must make Yoga the daily routine of his life as no other exercise in this world activates your complete body as

Several Things You Have to Know about Irish Lotto Game

The irish lottery can be defined as one of the most popular lotteries in the Europe. It is because this kind of lottery will be able to offer you a big jackpot that you can win when the great luck comes to you. Well, there is actually one of the lottery games in Ireland that can offer you huge jackpot that you better never miss, which is the Irish Lotto game. However, before you start to play the game, it will be better for you to know several things about it which will be explained below.

There are several things that you have to know when you want to play the Irish Lotto game is its rules, which are like:  First of all, you must be 18 years old or older if you want to play this game. It is because this lottery game will be able to influence the financial condition of its player significantly. So then, this particular game will never be suitable for the kids or teenagers at all. Second, whenever you want to play the game, you have to make sure that you buy the ticket first and play the minimum two lines on the

How to Whiten Teeth

Whiter teeth are something that every people in this world desire today. Americans spend over $1.4 billion dollars every year to achieve the different shades for tooth. Most important thing people want to change about their smile is the great witness. There are many solutions available through which we can whiten our t-eeth. We can make homemade whitening tooth paste. It is very easy and safe way to whiten your tooth to give a brighter smile. 71% of women say that they judge man by their smile.

Baking soda and lemon juice paste

Baking soda is a simple paste that can create a brighter smile. Baking soda combined with water and makes a paste that can release radicals that can break down the molecules on teeth enamel. It is a multi talented cleaner that you can make it at home. It is also very alkaline. Just use baking soda with water and lemon juice that can act as bleach of sorts, some days and get whiten teeth.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has multipurpose home remedy. It also has natural whitening properties. Usage of baking soda just remove stains from your teeth and give brighter shade but you also want a shine and

Does Ramdev Asthma Medicine Promote Good Health of The Lungs

Constant problematic breathing is a direct indicative of asthma. It is a disorder relevant with the lungs and other components of the respiratory system. It is more common in people who have low body immunity and fall easy prey to the attack of various pollutants and allergens present in the environment. Also capacity and normal functions of the lungs are affected adversely due to excessive smoking and alcohol intake thereby giving rise to this condition. Certain genetic factors are also sometimes behind the occurrence of asthma. Irrespective of the reason behind occurrence of asthma, it is important to treat and prevent this condition. Although asthma is an incurable disease however it can be controlled to considerable extent with the use of proper medicines or treatment options.

What does Ramdev asthma medicine mean?

When it comes to treatment of asthma then ayurvedic medicines prove to be the best option. It is because asthma patients have to take medicines lifelong to keep constant attacks as well as other symptoms of asthma at bay. Hence they must turn to a safe mode of treatment. It is best possible by using Ramdev asthma medicine.

Ramdev asthma medicine is a series of herbal products or medicines that are

Drive Away Your Travel Anxiety

Traveling has for a long been one of the most popular recreational activities for human beings. Many people dream of globetrotting. However, there are also many who avoid traveling owing to anxiety attacks. Ironically, most often they don’t even realize their problem.

Do you feel anxious quite often? Does the mere thought of traveling gives you the jitters? The nervousness over a travel is directly proportional to the level of anxiety in a person. Those with persistent generalized anxiety and panic attacks are also prone to travel anxiety. It’s because traveling represents change and distance from one’s comfort zone. Many people suffer from travel anxiety for their entire life. In other cases, some may develop the anxiety either because of some bad experiences or from nothing at all.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18% of the population in the United States suffers from an anxiety disorder, with around a quarter of these cases classified as severe. However, only around 40% of the population suffering from anxiety disorder is receiving treatment for it.

Travel-related anxiety is one of the most common fears. As many as 10 to 15 per cent of air travelers may experience situational anxiety and associated psychological or

Why Is A Faith-Based Recovery Program Important?

There are many types of drug and alcohol treatment programs available to help people recover from crippling addictions. One of the most requested types of programs focuses on a faith based recovery program. Because addicts are seeking guidance in their lives, including a faith-based element to recovery allows for people to have a positive outlet for all of their struggles and hardships in life, rather than turning to their former outlet of drugs or alcohol.

Adding a faith-based element also allows former addicts to take advantage of greater community resources. Once a person transitions from a recovery center to their community, he or she can utilize faith-based, community resources to continue on the path of recovery; which often time involves support groups at local churches or places of worship. Once welcomed in the community, he or she will also have the confidence to give back to others and give testimony regarding his or her experience with addition and how he or she overcame it.

Security is another reason why people choose faith-based programs. Because programs and staff are non-judgmental and understand how powerful the addiction process is, it is more of a family and community atmosphere while in treatment. Faith

How Preventative Care Can Lower Healthcare Costs

One of the most valuable aspects of being treated by a Nurse Practitioner is his or her views on preventative medicine and how educating patients on making healthier living choices, participating in wellness visits, and learning about stress management, can lead to better overall long-term care and increased physical and mental well-being. This is accomplished at a family heathcare clinic by treating all members of a family, both children and adults, and guiding them on a path of health promotion and disease prevention.

In return, once healthy lifestyle habits are adopted, the holistic wellness approach has benefits. Patients are better educated with respect to diet and exercise choices, stress reduction techniques, and preventative care. By maintaining one’s body and health, this lowers the chances of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, substance abuse, high blood pressure, stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes. Furthermore, if a patient is genetically predisposed to any one of these conditions, wellness visits help to monitor patients to ensure they are within recommended weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and other established guidelines.

Best of all, when needing any x-rays or laboratory tests, having x-ray capabilities and a lab on premises allows for patients to conveniently receive

Combat Stress and Anxiety With Aromatherapy

Hectic modern lifestyle is the main cause of many lifestyle disorders like anxiety and stress. Most of these health issues have temporary solutions, as pills can only give short-term relief. You cannot leave everything and shift to countryside for getting relief from stress and anxiety and those expensive counselling sessions and medications can rip apart your whole budget. This is certainly not how you should spend your hard earned money. In case, you are tired of eating those pills and attending counseling sessions then you can try some natural treatments. Natural treatments like aromatherapy can offer significant relief within few days and even scientistific studies have approved the effectiveness of aromatherapy. So, if you are suffering from lifestyle disorders like anxiety and stress then do try aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been used for healing many types of disorders, for a long time. In early times, this therapy was popular and people of almost every culture across the globe used aromatherapy for medicinal purpose. However, as new medicinal inventions came into existence, allopathic medicines became more popular and people forgot about these highly effectual natural treatments. These natural treatments are not just effective but are also safe, as they do not have any

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines and Products

Since ancient times, mankind has been using nature as a source to cure various diseases and illness. Even Ramayana , Indian ancient epic ,has a chapter where “Sanjivani herb” is mentioned as a life saving medicine to cure Laxmana, younger brother of Lord Rama.. Ayurveda is an ancient practice of health improvement and care. It is based on the concept of achieving a balance in our body by considering three aspects – diet, treatments using natural herbs and yoga practices. There are numerous practices which are being followed for the well-being of humans all across the globe, but Ayurveda is considered to be amongst the best. As only natural ingredients are used in treatment, it does not have any side effects.

Though there are numerous benefits of Ayurvedic medicines, a few are listed below:

Prevents Diabetes

Today’s lifestyle has led to many life threatening diseases. One of serious ailment is Diabetes. It can lead to heart attacks, brain strokes, damage to the eyes and even failure of kidneys. In a nutshell, almost all critical body organs are badly affected. A balanced diet, regular exercise and proper use of Ayurvedic medicines can help control and even prevent it to a large extent.

Remedies for Skin

Enjoy The Benefits of The Best Health Supplements

You can find many best nutritional supplements in the market either in exclusive upscale stores or in the medical stores that offer best vitamin supplements in India. Owing to the busy schedules and hectic lifestyle habits, people today believe that supplements are one of the best ways to gain the essential nutrients required by the body. these supplements can help them gain infinite health benefits like, provide protection against many diseases, help in the muscle generation of the person, or may even help the person to get rid from obesity and lose weight efficiently and easily without putting in more efforts.

Do You Seriously Need Best Nutritional Supplements?

Although beneficial, the best health supplements may not provide the people with all the health benefits as expected by them. And while these supplements are easily available in the form of tablets, pills, capsules, gels or oils, the best health supplements are no magical products which can help people achieve their fitness goals overnight.

It is mainly the lifestyle of the person which affects the looks and the weight of that person. There can be many reasons for a person to put on weight i.e. because of

The 3 Anti Aging Ingredients That Are Effective

Anti-aging products are sought after by many women (and sometimes men), to help eliminate the visible signs of aging. These signs may range from dark circles, sagging skin, wrinkles and scars on the skin. This therefore means that there is a wide range of products to address all these concerns. But is there an anti-aging cream that works?


This is a structural protein found in many connective tissues of the body. It also happens to be the most abundant protein in skin cells. Its role in anti-aging is to facilitate the firming of skin cells. For this reason, it is found on products that are meant to reverse the sagging of the skin.

This is one of the chemicals that many scientists seem to have a consensus that it is actually effective in reversing aging. Research has proven that fibroblasts which are collagen producing cells are the key to keeping the skin supple, young and healthy.

Vitamin C


This is another surprising product that is used in anti-aging products. There is no doubt that this vitamin is essential for the overall

Looking for the Best Medical Treatment and Cosmetic Surgery Treatment in India Here is your Answer

Are you interested in visiting India for a reasonable and superior quality medical treatment? The private and public hospitals in India are at the forefront of the best and latest medical technology and equipments with highly skilled and experienced medical personnel. Indian doctors are famous for their surgical expertise which has evolved from years of intensivetraining.

Why choose medical treatment in India?

  1. Indian private hospitals have an outstanding reputation and the health sector in India has witnessed an exponential organic boom in the recent years.
  2. India has evolved as a global health destination in recent years, with medical tourism burgeoning by thirty percent every year, which is quite commendable.
  3. Health care facilities available in India are very cost effective. As a medical tourist in India, you even have an option to book a medical package including the flights, transfers, and accommodation in the best hotels, treatment as well as a post operative holiday.
  4. The major treatment destinations are New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ludhiana and Hyderabad. All major international flights connect with these cities.

Whether you want to look or feel younger or desire to your

Woman’s health, education and marital status pre-pregnancy affect birth weight of her daughters, granddaughters

A woman’s weight at birth, education level and marital status pre-pregnancy can have repercussions for two generations, putting her children and grandchildren at higher risk of low birth weight, according to a new study by Jennifer B. Kane, assistant professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine. The findings are the first to tie social and biological factors together using population data in determining causes for low birth weight.
“We know that low-birth-weight babies are more susceptible to later physical and cognitive difficulties and that these difficulties can sharpen the social divide in the U.S. But knowing more about what causes low birth weight can help alleviate the intergenerational perpetuation of social inequality through poor infant health,” said Kane, formerly a postdoctoral scholar at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the research was conducted. She joined UCI in July.
Published in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, the study is based on both the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 and the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979. The former yielded birth weights and pre-pregnancy physical and social health data on female respondents as well as